Clam Gun

Clam Gun PositioningThe Clam Gun is a proven tool for clamming on the west coast. It is simple in design yet effective in it’s results.

How to dig for clams with a clam gun. Mark your circle per example. Simply push the tube down over the clam dimple with a rocking or circular motion. Block the air vent with a finger or thumb. Pull up the core of sand. Unblock the vent and drop the clam and sand on the beach. Guns do not work well on beaches containing significant amounts of gravel or rock.

1.Place the clam gun so that it is slightly off-center of the show with the extra room on the ocean side. Razor clams shows are typically at a slight angle towards the ocean side.
2.Drive the gun straight down with a twisting motion.
3.Place your thumb or finger over the air vent of the clam gun. Using your legs lift the column of sand slowly with a proper lifting technique.
Remove your thumb from the air Vent. Shake out the clam and sand out of gun.

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